Friday, March 23, 2018

Winding Down the Week

Hi everyone. Friday has arrived again. I am ready for the weekend. It was a choppy week for me.  I took a day off  to go to a funeral, and  another day we had testing  at school. With some  light morning snow the roads were terrible yesterday driving to work, and I had  a birthday dinner another evening.  No wonder why it felt like the week flew right by. This weekend I have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday and my daughter is coming home (since she is going to the shower with me), so this weekend will fly right by also I am sure. I guess all the events are good since there's no spring weather to enjoy yet and it's keeping me busy enough not to let the weather get under my skin too much. And all and all it wasn't such a bad week. All those events keep you on your toes for sure.

So thought I would share a couple of weeks of my calendar art. My calendar is also a coloring book (coloring calendar) and I have done a little art on the pages that are next to the calendar itself.

                             In this above piece, I didn't like coloring page so I covered it  with lots  of paper tape and added some stamped and colored figures (Dina Wakely stamps).   I do like the effect of covering the colored tape with some white tape in the middle. It diffuses a little of the bold color.
                                And on this page I colored most of the background and then I added this interesting bird image that I had on a piece of acetate.   I also added some paper tape and this
white die cut bird.                       
I'm enjoying the coloring aspect of this calendar and some days after work I just come home and color for a bit. :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend and that those of you in the cold get a little spring weather also.
Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

More Blooms for You

Some more photos from my trip to the bulb show last Friday and a page from my nature journal. I am linking up to Rosie's SPRING challenge at Art Journal Journey.
Hope Thursday is a good day for you.
And as always, thanks for visiting my blog.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

More Snow?

Hi everyone. It's a dark day today and we MIGHT get some snow tonight. The weather people can't pinpoint what we will get. Hopefully we get NO SNOW.  But I am thinking of you folks to the south who are going to get another big storm, again. Keeping my fingers crossed you don't get too much and keep your power. This is nor'easter number 4 this month alone. Sometimes we only get one for the whole winter.
So today I have a vintage style Easter tag that I made for Tag Tuesday and their latest challenge which is Easter/Spring. I dug out an old Easter basket stamp set set did a lot of stamping and coloring to make this tag. 
Then I noticed that Moo Mania's newest challenge is Easter, so I am linking there also.
This tag feels really different than my usual style and I am trying to decide what I think of it. But the fact that it is spring-like is a very good thing.
Hope everyone is having/or will have a great Wednesday. We have testing going on at school today so I have kids but no classes to teach. Hopefully I can get caught up on all my work. :)
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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring is Here-At Least on the Calendar

Happy Spring! It is the Spring Equinox and officially winter is over! Hope you have beautiful seasonal weather in your world. In my world we're waiting for snow to melt and hopefully to be done with. We don't need any any new snow falling from the sky until next winter. The weather has to get beautiful soon!

Today  I want to say THANK YOU  to the team over at Try It on Tuesday. I'm honored to be offered this chance to be a guest hostess.

The new theme is this The Call of Spring based on this beautiful mood board.
Here's my journal page inspired by these gorgeous photos.
I began by pasting some strips of a book page onto some watercolor paper. Then I stamped the bird (Stampendous) in the middle of the page. I doodled and painted some flowers and my tree branch. I also outline  them with some watercolor crayons and Stabilo pencils. Once the images were finished, I stamped the words onto the page.
I hope you are as inspired by this mood board as I was. We'd love to see you over at Try It On Tuesday for this challenge in the next 2 weeks.
And with the spring theme I am linking up to Art Journal Journey and Rosie's challenge there which is also spring. Thanks Susi for suggesting I do that also.
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Monday, March 19, 2018

T Stands for Flowers on a Cold Day

Happy T day everyone. It's Tuesday again, time to share our drink related posts over at
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog.

Last Friday I took a road trip to visit a spring flower and bulb show at an arboretum. I went with a couple of work friends and fellow science teachers. If you've stopped by my blog in the last few days you probably recognized that, as I've been teasing you with some photos. Today I want to show you some spring blooms. If you live someplace that is warmer than my snow covered area these might not be quite as exciting to you as they are to me, but for me in snowland this was a much need spring fling.

But how can you not love these flowers? And I've got a ton more photos for another day.
All that swooning over the beautiful flowers made us hungry. So we headed into the town of Northampton (Massachusetts) for lunch.
Now I have only been to Northampton a couple of times.  The last time I had lunch there was about 5 years ago. This past Friday  one of my friends picked a place for lunch that she found searching on her phone. Her choice was this place called Sly's Cafe and Bakery. The funny thing is when I walked in I realized this was the same place I ate those 5 years earlier.
I had a yummy turkey sandwich that came with a side. I chose the broccoli slaw. It was a huge side serving and was quite delicious 
And for my drink, no Diet Coke this week. I had a big glass of water.
It was a really fun day out!  Now hopefully spring will be here soon, especially since tomorrow is the equinox. Snow stay away!
Hope everyone has a wonderful T day.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Winter Can't Stay Away

It's a VERY cold morning here in my world. 7 degrees (-13 degrees C). Brrr. Winter doesn't want leave this year. But the sun is shining and the skies are blue so at least it's not dark and dreary.
And it will be a good day to stay inside and make some art. There's always a bright side to these cold winter  days. (Did I really say winter days?)
So let's go tropical today where it is warm and lush.  Here's a page out of my Nature Journal.

I began by tearing this tropical foliage paper into scraps which I then collaged on my page. The hummingbirds are stamped images which I painted and colored with watercolor markers. Then I fussy cut them.
I drew the flowers based on a photo of honeysuckle. I colored then, fussy cut them also, and added them to the page. Then I added a couple of strips of these gold stars.
I am linking up to Moo Mania and their latest challenge called Color Effect.

And here's  a few tropical plants for your viewing. I took these photos at the arboretum at Smith College the other day.

In the tropical greenhouse. You can see some other folks who are in there also. (Most people were doing the bulb show, and yes, I promise to show you some photos of their gorgeous spring flowers.)
 I find it amazing that pineapples grow off a stalk like this one-close up above and view view below.
 Some plants have such fascinating shapes and textures too.

The outside of a cottage cheese tree looks like roots.. 
Looking up I discovered not only this cool view but these cool cones.  This is a cyclad.

And how about a cocoa pod growing on a cocoa tree. I wonder if they use these pods to produce cocoa for hot chocolate or even chocolate for themselves.
And finally they had so many orchids in the arboretum. I will show you more another day but here is a little tease.
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Wearing the Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.  

Yesterday there was a teacher work day at my school. Since we had no students, 3 of us biology teachers  asked if we could skip out of school and go visit Smith College in western Massachusetts. Smith College has a fantastic arboretum and right now they are having their spring bulb show. Our principal agreed to let us go seeing most of our department co-workers were already going to a workshop and there was only going to be us left in the department. So we headed off on 3 hour road trip.
Three hours may seem like a long drive, but we 3 are friends and had time to catch up, talk about work and even do a little stress relieving complaining. :)
The bulb show was fantastic.
But St. Patrick's Day is all about green so I will save the bulbs for another day and show you some interesting green from the arboretum today.

 The diversity of leaves is amazing.  They gives me some ideas for art too.

Hope you enjoyed some green today.